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Best chapter in what feels like forever!!!!

-Tsunade is indeed going to choke a bitch. I LOVE how she took charge, especially against the old fogies Kotaru and Homura (I think that's their names? Eh, I honestly don't care enough to look them up :/). It shows how well the role of hokage is suited for her, even though she didn't want the job. Also! PROPS TO CHIYO HELLS YES MY SUPER SEKRIT FEMSLASH OTP!! (You know there was some epic Tsuande x Chiyo rivalry back in the day)

-SAKURA KICKS ASS! I absolutely love it!! One hit KO, first two pages, finally Kishimoto FINALLY. And she even had her own little crowd, I loved all the (chuunin? Maybe even jounin?) shinobi that were just chillin' on the sidelines when she iced that monster. I love that Iruka was there to witness it too. (Kakashi there would have been a bonus, but we all know he knows by now that Sakura kicks ass and has come a long ways from her genin days) 

-Ino wasn't at the hospital! I know this is silly, but when I saw her standing with Inoichi and Ibiki instead of at the hospital tending to the wounded I exhaled a very, very happy sigh of relief. I'm glad to see that it looks like Kishimoto is going to be focusing on her skill set, which I personally feel is more suited towards interrogation/espionage/reconaissance, then the flat medical female support role. (Keep in mind that I'm definitely not saying that characters like Shizune, Tsunade or Sakura are flat support roles, merely that their abilities are more suited towards that type of specialty and even then they each have a preferred method of combat that is unique)

- I love that (in earlier chapters) the codebreaking team consists of Shikamaru, Sakura and that adorable cryptologist whose name I can't remember at the moment. It's nice to see that Sakura is finally being acknowledged for her melon sized brain

-Danzou you sneaky, magnificent bastard! I am desperately hoping for an epic Sai v Danzou battle.

 In short: SQUEE! <33333
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