Commentary on Finesse, as requested by redbrunja :) ((sorry it took awhile)) commentary in bold.

Finesse )

Dvd commentary for Origami Malarkey, as requested by the loverly hypocriticalme. Commentary is in bold :)

Origami Malarkey- man I hate that title the more times I read it oO )
There you have it :) Nothing really surprising in the commentary I guess haha.

DVD Commentary Meme: pick a story of mine, and I'll write you a commentary track to go along with it. (You can also ask me specific questions that you'd like me to answer.)

Feel free to pick any fic from my profile  if you're interested :o)
Short little thing I wrote instead of my politics paper >.> first of three.

Title: Prompt #21, Labor
Characters: Sakura, Sai, Naruto, Kakashi
Word Count: ~635
Rating/Genre: PG, gen

Naruto begins to suspect something... )
Link to full table
Title: Prompt #57: Repeat
Characters: Sai, Sakura, Kakashi, and Naruto
Genre: Humor
Word Count: ~470
Notes: Follow up to Flame


Title: 100 Situations: Prompt #38 Flame
Characters: Sakura, Sai, and Kakashi
Genre: Humor, pretty crackish
Rating: T for references to porn.
AN: I'm cheating a lil and adding this story to Euphemisms too. That story's been hurting for an update and I think this one can kind of fit with that series.


So I've been attempting to write a story for Euphemisms for about twenty minutes. No luck. So I figured I'd do memes, why the hell not?


Not my usual style for writing this pair, but then again, I suppose that's the point of doing a hundred of these lol.

Prompt # 
84: The Morning After
Characters: Sakura, Sai, Naruto, Yamato
Rating: T
Word Count: 767

A long, long time ago I opened up prompts for Euphemisms. Now, they're actually being written! Oh, I feel horrible. I doubt half the people who requested are still reading my story, but I'd destroy the massive, seething force of guilt feel a whole better if I wrote them out regardless :) more than six months later because I am a horrible, horrible person.

Prompts to complete:

DramaPoette: Fictitious

Chibi-Ra-Chan: Favoritism, "Right where you want me"

The Dunebird's Cache: Botched tarot card reading 

Azartti: Sakura in a traditional kimono with makeup

I suppose this post doubles as a place to leave prompts/requests too :) I like being told what to write because I have no imagination lol. Feel free to leave a request for something other than Sai and Sakura too.

Well, since it looks like the mods over at 100_situations are kind of MIA, I thought I'd just start writing prompts anyways.

Prompt # 50: Stomach

Link to full table
 Still trying to move all of my Naruto stuff from FFnet to here, next is Euphemisms so I apologize in advance for relentless spamming of F-lists.

Title: Putting Baby in the Corner
Genre: Family/Humor
Pairings: Neji x Tenten, background Sakura x Lee
Word Count: 4,789
Summary: Neji never realized that raising a future prodigy could be so difficult. 

Trying to move my oneshots from to here :) Here's another one from a while ago...

Title: Instruments
Genre: General
Characters: Konoha kunoichi 
Word Count: 1,237
Rating: Probably about pg-13, since descriptions are a little violent
Summary: Their hands can do many things. They can heal, they can hold, and they can kill. The female warriors of Konoha aren't very different from their tools in this respect. Kunoichi and parts of the hand.

1. Pick ten pairings

2. Open up your music play, put on shuffle

3. Write a drabble for each pairing based on the song

4. You only have the length of the song to write it


Mar. 2nd, 2008 06:07 pm
Title: Zugzwang
Characters: Shikamaru, Kurenai, little Sarutobi, mentioned Team 10
Genre: Family/gen
Word Count: 1,261

Title: Depreciated Value
Characters: The Akatsuki, focusing on Kakuzu
Genre: Humor/Gen
Word Count: 1,992

Kakuzu tackles Ninjanomics. Because belonging to a group of S classed criminals is hard, but being their financial planner is even harder.

Just because I find stories that feature Sasuke wooing Sakura off of her feet (literally) amusing. Short, procrastination fic. I didn’t intend to make Sasuke sound perverted, just…determined.

Title: Sweet Nothings
Characters: Sakura, Sasuke
Pairing: Sakura x Sasuke
Genre: Parody, romance
Word Count: 1,860


AN Heh, I was a little hesitant about posting this since it’s so different from my other stuff, but it was an insistent little bastard of a plot bunny. Crack? Like a plumber’s bottom.


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