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Short little thing I wrote instead of my politics paper >.> first of three.

Title: Prompt #21, Labor
Characters: Sakura, Sai, Naruto, Kakashi
Word Count: ~635
Rating/Genre: PG, gen

A tiny bead of sweat was starting to form on Naruto’s brow as his fingers- which suddenly felt very fat and uncooperative- worked their way around the rope used to pitch the tent for the campsite. He cursed under his breath, why did he always get stuck with knot work? He hated knot work, and he normally got out of it too, thanks to Yamato’s jutsu. But no. Yamato wasn’t on this mission with them. Instead, they got Kakashi-sensei. Kakashi-sensei who insisted that knot work was character building as he observed from a cozy tree branch while reading Icha Icha.

“Shit!” Naruto swore again as the rope twisted around his fingers before unraveling entirely. Annoyed, he threw his hands up in the air, ignoring a mask-muffled chuckle at his expense coming from a tree branch direction, and leaned back on his heels. Taking a deep breath to calm himself and spare the only rope in the supplies, Naruto folded his hands behind his head and took an evaluative sweep on the campsite.

Kakashi-sensei was the first person his gaze landed on, and the jounin looked up from his erotica long enough to give a smile and a friendly wave, “Looks like those knots are coming along well,” he commented blithely before turning a page and ignoring the fuming blond completely.

“Bastard!” Naruto yelled, composure and approximately two and a half years of maturity accumulation be damned. He crossed his arms and turned his head in a huff, where his stare landed on his only female teammate.

Sakura was on the opposite side of the clearing, heaving a rather large battle-ax over her shoulder as she straightened a log to chop for kindling. It was still weird for Naruto to envision his cute little Sakura-chan hefting and swinging around a weapon that easily weighed twice as much as her, but he knew not to comment. Earlier, when he had offered to do the more manly camp work of chopping firewood, she had only smiled sweetly before summoning the weapon from a scroll and making an obtuse comment about how the trees wouldn’t be the only thing losing their wood if he continued to try and get out of pitching the tent.

She was sweating a little too, the weather was hot in the Land of Fire, after all, and Naruto couldn’t stop himself from watching as she rolled her thin shoulders, her red shirt clinging to her slightly due to the heat. The log that had been standing rolled off to the side, and Sakura bent down to straighten it. Naruto wouldn’t have been a student of Jiraiya if he hadn’t paused to admire the view as her toned legs flexed, lithe muscular structure leading up to a rather firm-

And that’s when Naruto noticed that he wasn’t the only one looking.

Sai, who had been filling canteens by the stream right next to the ax-wielding kunoichi, had also paused in his task and was just kind of…staring. Naruto blinked a few times, as if to clear his sight, but sure enough, Sai’s gaze was trained flatly on Sakura’s legs.

Naruto’s jaw went slack, “What the-?”

“How are those knots coming along, Naruto?” Came Kakashi‘s deadpan voice from up above, punctuated by the turn of a page.

Distracted, Naruto glared up at his superior, “Oy, you want them done so fast you can do them yourself!”

“I‘m sure they‘d be done a lot faster if you weren‘t…preoccupied,” he called down in the same mocking tone.

Frowning, Naruto turned back to his knot work, and when he looked up again, Sai’s focus was directed at screwing on canteen lids.

“Shannaro!” came a cry as a very sharp ax cleanly sliced through a log.

Naruto shook his head before concentrating on his knots. If he had really seen what he thought he did, Sai was one poor bastard.

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